God’s Elect (Ekklesia Holy Church) Will in the End Times Be Stronger Than It Has Ever Been in History

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by Rev Dr. Stephen M K Brunswick,

Primace, OCC https://OrthodoxChurch.nl

God said

“Occupy Till I Come”

God’s Elect (Ekklesia Holy Church) Will in the End Times Be Stronger Than It Has Ever Been in History. Read about this and how we will be a major world super power of great military and political might, totally united in Christ. These inescapable realities of the good news will soon be realized by the remnant who chose to walk in the Spiritual commanded activities (love, joy peace, building up etc etc) rather than in the destructiveness of flesh (negativity, breaking His laws for the church assemblies, hate for the brethren, etc).


We His battle axe nations will be restoring His rightful governance as is clear in the word of God! It has always been taught, but lately and gradually a leftist defeatist doctrine has crept in to the church.There is a major heresy going around these days where people say God’s Church Triumphant will be totally destroyed in the end times. While it’s true there have always been persecutions, and in the end times these will be the worst. However, it says He will refine His servants like gold through the fire only to be much stronger. God has told us in His word that His “Royal Priesthood Elect Church” will become greater than it has ever been. In this article are several indisputable Bible verses that verify the fact that the church will not only be stronger, but even more powerful as a world superpower than it was in the times of King David of Israel.

Should we say this with boldness? Well if we believe God’s word, and our regular vows at baptism, it should be something that we also talk about!

For most who pray the prayer our Lord gave us (the Our Father), this should be clear.

We all pray for His Kingdom (national governance laws etc) “to come” and “to be done on earth.” As it says if we seek first His kingdom law governance, then the necessities of life will be added unto us.  (continued below)

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The latter rain will have a double portion. You think those were awesome miracles in the first century church? Jesus (YAHWEH YAHSHUA) said we will do GREATER works than even He Himself did. I believe this is because millions of us will be doing such miracles.

As Discussed every Sabbath on “the Kingdom Message” (downloadable mp3s) and now on video: HIS EKKLESIA WILL BE STRONGER THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN.

When Jesus said He is building His “church”, that word is ekklesia. At the time in Rome Ekklesia meant the entire ruling elite, the government. Judgment must begin first at the house of God. It will only be accomplished in these last days. He is gathering us in the air by His truth. The internet is enabling enough knowledge and information that His people are SET FREE and throw off the NWO.

We are living in the times that all will be fulfilled, those “latter days”, as most prophecies contain the terms “end times” conquering of the evil synagogue of satan. That synagogue being all those who appose Adamic Anglo Saxon Christian, True Israel LAW given by YAHWEH. (His law is freedom, and the path of life. Satan lies, and comes to kill, steal, and destroy.) We who are with YAHWEH promote His 10 Commandments and His son Jesus the Christ to be our King. It says we will be a witness of the Kingdom (His law governance) on earth (70% of His law is national NOT personal). Jesus said we would be a witness of that national law governance promoting ALL THE LAW OF MOSES to all the nations as a full witness of it before the end finally does come. All the Saints who lived before us are jealous of us in the earth now at this great time of the coming victories.

There is a great awakening of His covenant people to their identity as His “Royal Priesthood and Holy Nation“, Anglo Saxon Christendom, the true Israel of History. Thousands of books have been written on the topic of British Israelism. The traditional and ancient Christianity that has been taught, and is still in our liturgies and hymns that proclaim that the CHURCH IS THE ISRAEL OF THE BIBLE. This agrees with the scriptures concerning the tweleve tribes in the end times.

However today a commercial and leftist false doctrine has lately been taught that 1 tribe Judah replaces the twelve tribes of God’s triumphant Church. Many have been taught falsehood against the Biblical doctrine of one tribe (out of the 13 Israel tribes) who is called Jew/Judah that all of a sudden they can replace the 100 times bigger and greater 12 tribes of Israel. (In the Bible we never find that the house of Israel is ever interchangable with house of Judah. It says even after the new heavens and new earth, that still the House of Judah and the House of Israel are separate. So we don’t know where or how true believers have really come over to this doctrine that the 1 tribe Jew replaces the 12 tribes of Israel. You have to go to non-Christian religions really to find that, and some of the newer heresies really. This has been engineered by leftist liars to take “the people of God” of the full bulk of the twelve tribes totally out of the equasion from their foundational principals of victory in Christ.

Hundreds of New Testament Bible verses refer to the CHURCH as the ISRAEL Bride of God that was married to Him, and was divorced and estranged from the commonwealth of Israel for their idolotry, and now able to be remarried to God through the Son. This event happened in the First Century. If You believe God doesn’t fail, and you are open to learn about how God was successful to re-marry His Israel bride, then please do read on. The church was triumphant in bringing the gospel to all corners of the “known world” that the Romans called Europe, and “the ends of the earth”. This is evident in the “Apostles Creed” texts that have been uncovered and the local Saint traditions in the farthest corners of Europe. Even Britain has dozens of 1st and 2nd century Saints that are officially recognized worldwide as being their evangelists.

It seems some have fallen into the dark ages of disinformation, and state-brainwashing programs of TV to think that there’s some way that our Bibles have been incorrect and that Jesus somehow failed in His mission, as His sent His Apostles to go to the “Lost Sheep of the House of Israel” and NOT to the other nations:

Mat 10:5-6 “These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into [any] city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

Mat 15:24 “But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

In Harvard, Princeton, Union and other top colleges of America it was officially taught that the Christian Nations of the world are the Modern Israel of God. The doctrines of “manifest destiny” and others to reclaim lands for Christ, has been central on the theme of knowing that the Church of Christ’s bride is the Modern Israel of God. The traditions of our forefathers was only recently lost.

If you check in the Bible(KJV), the word “Jew” only shows up 30 times in the Old Testament, but non-jewish Israelites are mentioned about 3,000 times in the Bible. As we showed you, the House of Judah, and especially the name “Jew” as standalone, has never in any context referred to all 12 tribes. There was recently a $25,000 award being offered by a college that for anyone who can find even one single Bible verse that says the Jews are Israel. It’s been running for decades and no one has been able to claim it.

However only now in this time of history has that name Jew been changed and stolen mainly in the last 50-100 years by leftist atheists in their popular culture of materialism, slander and brainwashing via TV and media. There may be plenty of Jews who are also relatives of Israel, but many Jews have come forward and admitted in their encylopedias that they descend primarily from a non-semitic Japhetic branch of Ashkanazim or Khazars. In any case, for a multitude of reasons the Jews are complacent in the atheist plots of edomite satanic edomites to exclude the rest of the tribes of Israel from their rightful inheritance.

We are approaching those times when these awakened ones will finally take part in fulfilling their great destiny, and covenantal promises from God almighty that declares the true Israel of God will prevail over the lies perpetrated on us all by those in cohorts with counterfeit Israel who specifically use the term “jew”, and we finally take national responsibility to keep the law of Moses ourselves. Finally we would get our own house in order and be a witness of God’s love and truth for all humans.

As it says in Rev 2:9 and 3:9, that there are many “calling themselves jews who are NOT jews”, and that even the counterfeit Jews will realize they are only Esau, not even true Judah, and that these false-jews will worship before our feet, and say “God has loved you”. Esau Jews were in existance in the time of Christ proclaimed to them that they were the “generation of serpents and vipers” (that word generation in greek Gennao which is the word for genealogy and physical offspring). Jesus Christ said they were descendants of Esau and Cain. Like all other non-Christian religions they have collectively rejected the Saviour(not to single any out). The Bible says all who have rejected Jesus are called Anti-Christ. There are many leftists and others who join with their programs of confusion and destruction of the true Israel to enrich and empower themselves. However, God says that those who are with them and their multi-culture against God (yes Zionist Israel also is just another atheist state by all their admissions, it’s not a religious state) will be short lived. Nature itself cannot sustain atheists.

Prophecy says all these wicked who curse God’s true people will be thrown in the great winepress at Armageddon. We’ll hope the nations repent, so God will bless them for blessing true Israel. Otherwise it says God will curse them that curse the TRUE Israel.

God honours His covenants to bless and prosper the true Israel. That is why more disasters are happening as people are becoming more and more in line with the NWO hostilities against the institutions ordained of YAHWEH, like families, tribes, nations and His laws. First He is preparing His people to be ready to escape and prosper, before satan’s hoards can attempt to seal our fate.

YAHWEH is on His throne, and will not step back down to earth until “His enemies are made His footstool“, and “He is coming back for a church that is without spot or wrinkle“. Since “the gifts and calling of God [are] without repentance.” this means true Christian Israel will not only see the original military world superpower might to their separatist nation restored, but they will be “doing greater works than Jesus did“, and raise up the “tabernacle of David“, with all the supreme power and authority as all those who “seek first His Kingdom“, as “Ambassadors” and “overcommers“, who do work toward, and pray daily that “His Kingdom come, and will be done in the earth, as it is presently done perfectly in heaven“, until we raise up a “witness of the Kingdom to all nations, and then the end does come“, a holy “city set on a hill that cannot be hid“, His Living Church today that “has already been delivered out of the power of darkness and translated into the Kingdom of His dear Son“, His Holy Nation of Conquerors and with “ALL AUTHORITY and power given unto Yahshua our King” and we in His government on earth are spiritually 1/3 “already seated with Him on His throne” as His church, the Ekklesia, the greek word used in those roman times meaning “the ruling elite”. And as “His Living Royal Priesthood“, our Valiantly Reigning “King-Priest For Ever After the Order of Melchizedek“, obeying His living word, preserved in the Holy Scriptures, we go forward in obedience to His great commission to “teach all nations to obey His law” leading by example as hundreds of verses command His True Israel to be such a holy example, delivering us from the curses of race-mixing, that is called “a punishment, and thorns in the eyes of His people“.  Blessing His people with lawful and joyful separatism, not cursing them with the curse of bastardization and Adulteration of the holy seed, but “reckoning them by genealogy“, by “the ensign of their father’s house“, and punishing “the treachery of mingled seed.” , keeping the cursed mixture mamzer/mongrel “out of the congregation for at least ten generations“. Forcing upon the congregation, a hoard of cursed mamzers is not blessing Israel. The blessing will be “rooting up every tree He has not planted“, out of our camps, and humanely letting them live elsewhere in peace.

Gen 12:3 “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”

As every Royal Priest does in spreading the good news of His true law and order that will be restored as we go “To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; To execute upon them the judgment written: this honour have all His Saints. Praise ye the LORD.” (Psalms 149:8-9 )

Mat 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

True Israel is in the majority still in America, unmixed and living outside the major metropolitain areas, in such rural places, as His King Priest elect, being preserved for His glory. Europe is also highly pure! Israel Christendom is alive and well according to the word of YAHWEH. We of Israel Christendom have all the cards, and no one else has His love, truth, peace and restoration of order. There is no other way but through His Son the eternal Yahshua (Jesus Christ) and the obedience to His eternal laws which Eternal Jesus also gave to Moses, we have it all by promise and birthright, we “His adopted people of one racial flesh, called the true Saxon Israelites“. Enough talk on the race, His GRACE is “Power from God to obey” Romans 1:15. It is His powerful grace that we are able to hear and understand His word. A great and mighty calling, and an “evidence that we are of His Sheep“. “It is God who works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure.” What an awesome honour it is if the creator has placed His will to obey in our hearts, He is one with us and doing a work in us. And He that began the good work in us will be faithful to complete it, and His word does not come back void.
May He wash us in His blood , to those of us who “confes our sin“, we thank you that you grant us forgiveness, daily, and we raise our heads up High as His Ambassadors as the Holy Spirit gives us the strength and power, much more divine help and power than they had in the old testament, to obey all as He would have us in His eternal word, covenants, destiny calling to live as true Royal Priests for His Kingdom, urging all others to repent before He does return, which also begins with confession. May we with all the anointing and power of the Holy spirit perform it in His name.

God said it. He doesn’t go back on His word, but it all completes what He has started. It is absolutely guaranteed.

Many invest their time in attacking Jewish Zionism. They think Zionism is a Bigger power than God’s church and battle axe nations, His true Saxon Israel stone kingdom etc. However they lie and promote myths that we are weaker than them. They continue to say instead of God’s righteous punishment on our sinful rebellion from His nationalist laws, that we can blame the zionist jews instead. However they who do that are 2-fold the child of hell, turning people away from the basics of God’s commandments. As it says “the whole duty of man is trust God and keep the commandments”.

Christians are to invest their time in celebrating the victory we all have in Christ, His wonderful law of liberty (nationalistic laws) and advancing the dominion of those who are good Christians. All the corruption in the world passes away, and we who are His Holy/Separate people always prevail after the corrupt government has eventually failed and been removed. The zionism control and power is nothing compared to God’s program with Jesus Christ (Yahshua) our Chief Cornerstone.

God’s emerging Church power makes Zionist Jews look like babies in comparison!

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